1. Cerromar

  2. Atalayas

  3. Villa de Peñíscola

  4. Sierra de Irta

The residential area Cerromar is located on the mountain in the southern part of Peñíscola. We will see magnificent panoramic views of the castle from the hillside and, when coming down the other side of the mountain, we will enjoy the views of part of the South coast, with its cliffs and coves, and also panoramic views of the Sierra de Irta Natural Park, the San Antonio Hermitage and the Torre Irta. 

On Atalayas route we will visit the highest residential area in Peñíscola, from where we will enjoy fantastic panoramic views of the coastline, the town of Peñíscola and the Papa Luna Castle. We will see some of the most beautiful villas in Peñíscola during the trip.  

Leaving from the North coast and always following the promenade, at the Villa de Peñíscola route we will get to know other residential areas, such as Peñismar and Peñismar II. We will return along the coast until we arrive in the southern part of the town, passing next to the fishing port and the South beach. We will finally go down Peñíscola’s main street and back to the main stop.  

We will start the route Sierra de Irta going along the river down to the southern part of Peñíscola. From here, we will follow the coast along the wildest part of the town, bordering bays and cliffs until we reach Sierra de Irta Natural Park. We will stop at a beautiful natural bay, where you will be able to get off the train for 5 minutes and take very nice pictures with the castle in the background. We will board the train once again and return to the main stop, going through the stop located next to the marina.